Some videos are in there so volume levels beware.


We’re home

Thanks everyone for keeping up with us during our trip!  We will be making an album soon and we’ll post the link on the blog when it’s all up.  

Again, thank you.  We had such an amazing time and really enjoyed getting to share it with all of you.

Photo dump from the last 3 days.

So we made it to our final night.  And thank goodness it is in a hotel.  Privacy can once again be apart of our vocabularies.

Our brief donut tire.  Driving through the Highlands we got a flat and of course these roads are all deserted.  I brought out the tools to pop on the new tires and who should pull up but 1 of 3 people to drive by us all day that happened to also be a mechanic.  He jumped out and didn’t even ask, just took a look and jumped in for me and put on the new tire without missing a beat.  Thanks Alec, we will always drink in your name.

Driving in the clouds.

Random castle without markings.  So we stop and walk around.  

Our hostel on Isle of Sky. Saucy Mary’s.

We did a hike on Skye.  No more than 1 minute on the trail and a cat we aptly named Sherpa showed up and lead us up the path for 40 minutes.  

At one point Sherpa pounced into the bushes and Caroline said ‘ oh wow she must hide her squeaky toys in there!’ Well, this squeaky toy was alive, and actually a mouse.  RIP.

We parted ways.

All the way up.

The way up was a real workout but the trail down was a mess.  It was much less traveled and therefore much less obvious.  We had some considerable back tracking but got back never the less.

Cows with dog hair.  


So we’ve had 2 bad nights of Internet so  no pictures.  Sorry.  Maybe in a day or so when we are back in Glasgow.

We had a fun day driving all around Scotland.  We started this morning in Inverness and drove North West to Scourie and from there down to Ullapool.  From there we went to Skye where we are now.  We really had a great cross section of Scotland today.  We were literally in the clouds driving through the mountains this morning.  We stopped off to see and walk into an abandoned old castle.  And then we saw several small towns consisting of no more than 20 or 25 buildings along the water.  All the while cutting up and down hair pin turns of the Highlands.  A few wrong turns here or there just made it more fun.  It was a great day.  Just wish we could share the photos.  

Tomorrow we try a wee hike.

Aberdeen to Inverness

We left Aberdeen driving north along the east coast. I was really jonzing to see some beach/the sea so we pulled down some back roads and got along the coast. And it was so beautiful. We were able to climb up onto some rocks and if yesterday was purple, today was yellow. Yellow moss covered the rocks and we sat by the crashing ocean for a bit. 

We then drove west through the northern part of Caringorms National Park and saw even more breathtaking views if you can believe it. We saw rolling farmlands and wheat fields that shimmered like water. Massive rolling hills and sheep and cows everywhere. Will said sheep outnumber people here 11 to 1 and I think that must be true. Now that we’re further north were also seeing those big shaggy cows. 

We did a small hike in Grantown on Spey but it was late and not as good as our walk yesterday. We had a long day and landed in Inverness around 7:30pm! Tomorrow we hit the west coast of Northern Scotland!  

The Highlands

Simply no words, but because this is a blog I’m somewhat obligated to put words to the things we have had the chance to do and see.

First the driving.  It isn’t as horrible as we both thought it may be.  However it is strange.  The difficulty is in resisting unconscious behavior.  For example, driving on the right side of the car is constant reminder that things are different here.  But the natural instinct to place your body in the left part of the lane (due to always being there in the US) makes it a constant challenge.  The moment you listen to the music or let your mind lapse all of a sudden your body is trying to line itself up in the left side of the lane.  But overall driving in the UK is not bad, just strange.  It is especially strange in roundabouts.

The car is great, only 9k miles on it – Toyota prius.

Sheep outnumber people 11-1.  

We were heading to Aberdeen but took the scenic route through a national park North of Perth.

We randomly decided to pull off and do some walking.  For a Saturday at middayy, we only saw 3 people the whole time.

The view can be captured but the feeling cannot.  First, the smell of these purple flowers was incredible.  Caroline just told me they are called ‘Heather’.  They are everywhere and the breeze picks up their smell and carries it like a wave.  At every bend in the path another wave hits you.  What’s more than the smell was the silence.  Outside of the breeze, and sound of the river that ran along side the path – it was perfectly silent and no one to see.  But we met an old Scottish guy hiking with his dog.  He remarked how lucky we all were to be experiencing the Highlands to which we agreed and he walked off with a ‘Cheers, and God Bless’.  It felt surreal.

Finally, Simon Pegg did a movie called at the Worlds End.  And we found it last night so I had to take a picture.

1 night in Edinburgh

I came here a few years ago and loved it but I forgot just how much I loved this city.  After unpacking at our hostel we went right to a bar and got dinner.  There was nothing special about the bar, but the happiness and warmth that could be felt by a bunch of jolly drunk Scots was undeniable.  It was so wonderful to understand what everyone was saying and to finally drop our gaurd a bit more than normal.  Instead of frantically scanning our brains regarding how to say ‘2 tickets’ or ‘thank you’ in a foreign language we could simply say ‘thank you’.  Whew.  Sounds dumb – but it is a relief.

They are having a big festival here in Edinburgh so we got to walk around the streets freely because the roads were closed to traffic for special performances.

Connection is slow so only a few pictures.  I’d love to come back in the winter some day.  Any takers?